Briana M. Kuneman LMT

About Me

Briana is available by appointment:

Phone : (315) 530-8380


Address :

7275 Statefair Blvd.

Baldwinsville NY 13027

Our website is growing and changing daily. Please continue to check it out as we develop and grow. You may contact us directly 315-530-8380 if you have any questions about the services we offer in the meantime, and thank you for visiting our brand new web site!

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Briana’s practice effectively compliments, supports, and enhances any healing modality.


Here at BMKElements, I have developed a system called “Integrative Bodywork”. It is a unique blend of eastern and western approaches to addressing the body. While it looks and feels like the best massage you ever had, working the muscles and deep tissue, Briana is tapping into the bio-rhythms and the body’s neurological basis for wellness.”


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